SherWeb sends world’s first hosted exchange 2013 email

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SherWeb, a world-leading Microsoft Exchange hosting provider specializing in small and mid-sized businesses, confirms that it is the first provider worldwide to go live with Hosted Exchange 2013 and that its customers have been running the platform since yesterday.

SherWeb sends world’s first hosted exchange 2013 email

SherWeb officially launched its Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013 yesterday at 11:50 a.m. EST, beating out all other providers worldwide. The first Exchange 2013 email was sent by a SherWeb customer yesterday at 3:39 p.m. EST. To celebrate the milestone, SherWeb is offering businesses one free month on their Hosted Exchange 2013 Plan.
Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading business communication and collaboration platform. Exchange 2013 offers significant improvements over Exchange 2010, particularly for employees using Outlook Web App (OWA) to access their email. SherWeb, a pioneer in cloud services and former Microsoft Partner of the Year with customers in over 100 countries, is widely recognized in the industry for its extensive expertise of Microsoft Exchange and for its proven track record of being the first to bring Microsoft’s latest versions to the market.
“Our Exchange 2013 plan is already available in both French and English, reaffirming our position as a leader in hosted services for SMBs,” said Rima Hatoum, SherWeb’s Product Manager. “Not only were we the first to launch, but our customers were up and running that same day.”
SherWeb cautions SMBs shopping for a Hosted Exchange 2013 provider to proceed with care, warning that many providers are currently advertising Exchange 2013 plans, but are still far from actually being “market ready.”
“As a long-time hosting provider, we know just how damaging it can be for businesses to be stuck in waiting mode, especially resource-strapped SMBs,” says Eric Gauthier, VP of Sales & Marketing at SherWeb. “That’s why we ensure our customers are fully operational the same day they sign up.”
“Our one-month free offer will certainly appeal to many new Hosted Exchange 2013 customers,” Gauthier adds. “But it’s our unbeatable personalized service which includes full support and migration that will really help them improve productivity and lower costs right from day one.”

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