Outsourced web hosting and french support in Canada

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Outsourced web hosting support provider Server Sitters announced on Friday that it now offers French language support throughout Canada.
The services are designed for both small and large commercial web hosting companies with customers that require support representatives fluent in French.

Outsourced web hosting and french support in Canada
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There are over 9.5 million French speakers living in Canada, which represents almost one-third of Canada’s population. There are 7 million people in Quebec who speak French as a first or second language, and in Ontario, 1.4 million people speak French.
As several web hosts have recently expanded to Canada, services that serve French-speaking customers effectively are something to look into, and provide an alternative to hiring bilingual or French-speaking support representatives internally.
This new web hosting support service comes as TELUS Communications has opened a Quebec data center to offer hosting and cloud services, and Project Hosts launched its hosting services in Toronto.
Server Sitters says its process ensures that “the customer has no reason to think another company is involved in handling support.”
Server Sitters specializes in hosting support for web hosting companies in the US and Canada that require help-desk support, live chat support and telephone support services.
“Our first tier hosting administrators can remove the burden of day-to-day maintenance from your Systems Administrator, while also answering and resolving a wide gamut of end user technical issues. ServerSitters’ tier two administrators will tackle even the most complex server issues through years of experience and training. We can administer both Linux and Windows servers operating across a variety of platforms,” Server Sitters says.
“The continued expansion of our technical department clearly demonstrates our commitment to simplifying our partner experience, and offer more value to our growing client base with competitive pricing,” Server Sitters CEO Adam Gallant said in a statement.

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