Doug Davis – chief executive officer

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Web Hosting Masters, the premier review site for hosting providers an their services, announced late Tuesday afternoon that Doug Davis would be ushered in as the companies new chief executive officer.

Doug Davis - chief executive officer
Web Hosting Masters.

Mr. Davis has been intimately involved within various facets of the hosting industry since 1998, and current management has also accepted the resignation of the previous CEO. Mr. Davis will assume executive responsibilities effective immediately.
Doug is an extremely charismatic and focused leader who brings a wealth of experience to Web Hosting Masters. His special ability to inspire employees and lead the charge is exactly what Web Hosting Masters needs at this particular stage of the transition to a new team. Incumbent staff and management are all very confident that with Doug’s expertise. Web Hosting Masters is poised to begin our re-branding process seamlessly.
Mr. Davis brings significant executive management experience to Web Hosting Masters, having served as an executive officer at several other large hosting providers. Mr. Davis has also held senior executive positions with other industry leaders, and brings with him a wealth of experience and leadership ability.

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