Go Daddy innovates Cloud Hosting

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A new solution providing for cloud infrastructure was unveiled by top web host and domain registrar Go Daddy on Tuesday. Called Cloud Servers, the offering provides the company’s clients with bandwidth accounting for 100 gigabytes on a monthly basis.
Among the platform’s primary features are load balancing, unlimited firewalls, server scaling, storage, backups and more. Go Daddy appears to be angling the solution to compete with similar offerings from Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.
Discussing the matter in a press release, Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman emphasized that it was his company’s goal to “help businesses grow through our cost-effective, reliable, feature-rich products.” Adelman also referred to the offering as a “Go Daddy innovation that takes the complexity out of a complicated technology, yet gives users a substantial range of sophistication.”

Go Daddy innovates Cloud Hosting
Go Daddy.

Go Daddy, the world’s largest provider of Web hosting, domain names and new SSL Certificates, is changing the cloud landscape with its newest offering – Go Daddy Cloud Servers. Designed to give users the power they need rapidly, Cloud Servers combines convenient control panels, a strong infrastructure and frequently used features, like firewalls and load balancers – all at a fraction of the cost of other services.
As the Internet expands and websites become more resource-intensive, many businesses are moving from traditional hosting to more advanced, scalable servers with flexible network options. Go Daddy Cloud Servers are designed for companies looking to take complete control of their Web hosting environment. Setting up a private cloud server network can be a daunting task, but Go Daddy Cloud Servers allows complete setup in three easy steps.
“It has always been Go Daddy’s primary mission to help businesses grow through our cost-effective, reliable, feature-rich products,” said Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman. “Cloud Servers is a Go Daddy innovation that takes the complexity out of a complicated technology, yet gives users a substantial range of sophistication.”
Go Daddy Vice President of Hosting Development Brian Krouse oversaw the development of the technology. “Cloud Servers takes ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ to a whole new level,” Krouse said. “Cloud Servers helps businesses that need both cost effective flexibility and scalability.”
Go Daddy’s Cloud Servers gives users the ability to configure server networks, create server snapshots and manage server resources, all in a friendly interface. Cloud Servers, available with either Linux or Windows operating systems, has a friendly and competitive billing model.
“Go Daddy Cloud Servers offers advanced networking features bundled into an affordable easy-to-use solution,” said IDC analyst Melanie Posey. “This approach is different from competitors’ cloud models and offers customers a high degree of functionality and support at a reasonable price point.”
Cloud Servers are backed by a specialized 24/7 Cloud Servers support team. Cloud Servers are also supported by Go Daddy’s 24/7 Network Operations Center and Award-Winning Security Operations Team at no additional expense.

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