eUKHost adds auto-scaling option

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Web hosting provider eUKhost announced on Monday that it has updated its virtual private server plans to offer auto-scalable CPU and RAM.
While this feature is available with all three of its VPS plans, bustable CPU and RAM is an add-on feature that customers have to pay an extra monthly fee to use. Customers can add burstable resources starting at $15/month.

eUKHost adds auto-scaling option

The only catch is customers must choose the CentOS operating system, since Ubuntu based VPS does not support burstable CPU and RAM, according to its website.
eUKhost says the eNlight Cloud Hypervisor based vLite platform has intelligent scaling technology built in which detects the increase in resource requirements on any server in real-time, and adds them immediately without downtime. eUKhost has a 99.95 percent uptime SLA.
Since it already had the technology, eUKhost decided to turn this feature into a value-add for customers. Automation is becoming an important component of web hosting, and reassuring customers that their virtual private servers will scale automatically to meet their needs may be worth the extra $15.
eUKhost says enabling burstable CPU and RAM will allow the hosted website or applications to weather unpredicatable spikes and achieve optimal scalability and performance. The max resource scaling available is up to 6 CPUs and 4 GB of memory on an individual VPS.
“At eUKhost, we are committed to constantly improve our product range. The additional benefits in our VPS Hosting range provide significant additional capacity for our customers to use as and when they need. This will prove to be decisive as even if our customers don’t require it at the moment, they are ready for growth in the future,” Mark Ducadi, CMO of eUKhost Ltd. said in a statement.
In the press release, eUKhost says its auto-scaling technology is the “first of its kind in the VPS hosting industry” but other providers like VPS.Net offer auto-scaling. VPS.Net calls it “Cloud Brain” and says it is able to “dynamically assign RAM and CPU as a server needs.” VPS hosting from Togglebox also has the auto-scale feature.

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