SiteGround releases new featured customer portal

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A new customer portal has been released by SiteGround web hosting service Provider Company. This new portal is highly featured and there are many new and exciting features in this customer portal. This was announced by SiteGround web hosting provider on Friday August 31, 2012.

SiteGround releases new featured customer portal

It was further explained that the newly introduced features are mostly associated with ‘My Accounts area’, which has been mostly redeveloped for the customers to provide the experience of the great services and quality of the services. Customer can perform many activities on this portal to improve efficiency and performance of the services and functionalities provided by SiteGround Company. Now, customer can filter his or her account to make billing and administration faster; he/she can also direct link to connect to Cpanel if it is needed.
In a statement Mr. Tenko Nikolov, the CEO of SiteGround web hosting provider said, “Many shared web hosting companies only offer customers a control panel, such as cPanel. A control panel does offer a great deal of functionality, but it is not an exhaustive solution that streamlines the entire user experience. We have been working on our new user area for six months and are finally ready to release our most intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful version to date.”
Further it was maintained by the company that new portal has additional capabilities to open trouble tickets and links to the technical articles that are useful for providing better technical guidance to the customers. In other words, it is highly compatible with the needs of the best customer support and services. In addition to this, each SiteGround employee has been provided an account to express him or herself with his professional attributes like expertise and interests along with the avatar options.
This portal also provides the option to the customers to create avatars on their accounts too.

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